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I think they got the decimal place in the wrong spot.


I work in the land of CT's and PET's. SERIOUS money. One guy had to pay out of pocket for a CT...7 grand. I winced when I saw that, but was hoping for the best...sorry dude...


That is amazing in a bad way...makes me thankful I do have insurance through my job. You have so many friends who would like to help I'm sure...why don't you make a PayPal button to accept donations to your hospital cost fund? It might add up eventually to help at least some? I know I'd donate to you... :)


Never mind about the PayPal idea...click on my name if you're curious...


Uh...you can click my name too if you wish...


Sweet Baby Onions!!! That is f'ing unbelievable. My first piece of advice is to call ASAP and try to get them to reduce the bill (and maybe to confirm that it's not a mistake?!? I mean, my Dad's bills for time in ICU didn't seem *that* outrageous!). They would rather get some money from you than none at all.

How outrageous is the health care system in this country? Honestly! Next time, book yourself a nice first-class ticket to Prague and get the treatment and a vacation at the same time for, oh, a tenth of the price.

But do call them. No way in hell you should be paying 10K for what you had done.

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