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We're not remodeling, but we are doing the green overhaul as much as possible due to Connery's asthma. I've been meaning to ask you how you did the bathtub vinegar soak. Our (fiberglass) tubs are stained/hard-water-spotted like crazy and I think it would help. Did you use straight vinegar or dilute it? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

Robin Dahlberg

Vinegar is our best friend when it comes to cleaning. We usually do a 1-1 vinegar-water ratio and let it soak overnight. That applies to cleaning/demineralizing just about anything from the tea kettle to a hot tub (yes, we actually had a bazillion gallons of vinegar in the old hot tub). For the bathtub, we added the empty vinegar jugs filled with plain water to help displace the diluted vinegar so that we needed less vinegar overall. I think we used 8 or 9 gallons of vinegar. The bathtub looks brand-spanking new - up to the water line anyway. Not sure how to tackle the rest of it. Need to invent a vinegar gel or something. The best part is there's no scrubbing needed - the hard water residue just dissolves into solution.


Cool, thanks! We use a ton of vinegar in our house as well, enough that Chip--only occasionally--will ask if I've been eating pickles in the laundry room.

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