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My goodness...jet overload! You'll have to have help in figuring everything out (hint hint?)... haha...Glad it finally is all settled and done, so now you can relax after your weekend! For securing reservations, do you accept homebrew cider, cheese, wine, port, any or all of the above?


Oh, and reciprocating saws do rule. My dad still drools over mine each time he's at my house...gotta put that on his list for next Christmas! He got the same laser-guided jigsaw last year after drooling over mine... ;)

Kevin Chung

Wow that look monster big. Some techie questions - is running on 220 or 110?

Is it resting directly on the ground or a concrete pad of some sort? It looks like aggregate concrete but I can't tell for sure.

I assume they move it on it's side - width space did it take?

A hot tub is one of the reasons I want to upgrade my electrical panel - with my central air, my current panel is pretty much maxed out.

Oh yeah, I agree with Britta, power tools rock.

Robin Dahlberg

Yes, we do need help figuring out jets and dials and whatnot!

It runs on 220 and sits on a level gravel pad. The bottom of the tub is plastic.

It was moved on its side and needed clearance of about 40" wide by 9' high.

Kevin, if you upgraded your electrical and decided to go with California Custom Spas, we'd get a referral bonus ;-)

We have a small circular, a compound miter, and a table saw, but sadly no reciprocating saw! Usually just borrow Pop's...


How'd I miss this post? Oh well.. What a wonderful story. It was pretty amazing seeing the old tub in pieces on the truck. Dude. I already wrote you an email, but I don't feel right if I don't leave a comment. I'll have to make reservations at a later date. I need to do some serious work this weekend. Dammit...

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