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Congrats on the biking! 35 freeway miles each way to work I don't think I could do even if I did own a bike. :/ There's no shuttle from CalTrain to our office that I know of, so that's no option either for me. I offered to telecommute today for Earth Day but I'm here. I very rarely buy tea anywhere & never coffee, so I'm always using my own mugs & water bottles at home or for the free drinks at work. There has been a recent "green" push at work, and all their suggestions are things I've been doing already for 8 years here & even before in my everyday life. I also pay extra for the "green power" option for my electricity.

Earth Day is to me like what so many people say Valentines Day is to them...why pick only one day when you should be doing it all year? ;)

(BTW, I'm not against it, but there are plenty of non-religious holidays: Presidents Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, MLK Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day...I think the only religious national holiday left here is Christmas. UK still gets Good Friday & Easter Monday but not us.)

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