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Kevin Chung

Personally, I think fiberglass may be your best bet - My attic has blown insulation of some sort and at the time it was put in, it was filled to the top of the ceiling joists. Now it's settled such that it's 1/3 of it's original fluffiness. Fiberglass won't "settle".

Since the R rating of my attic is lower now, my plan is to scoop out some of the blown insulation and toss it into adjoining joists and fill the empty spot with fiberglass batts. Maybe when I'm all done, I'll have what my mom did (she had all fiberglass to start) and blow more loose stuff over the top.

BTW, my mom had her kitchen redone and the blown insulation was messy to deal with since it fell down from the holes in the kitchen ceiling when it was being re-done. Another plus for fiberglass. Just make sure to wear eye protection, gloves, and a mask. My brothers and I helped my dad to the entire attic of my parents' house and it's no fun getting fiber glass in your eyes/fingers. I think the newer stuff can be purchased fully encased in plastic - the old stuff we dealt with was exposed on three sides with a paper backing.


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