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Dude...call them up and get a digital converter. They're just making "the switch". Remember those commercials? Same thing happened to me last month. it's free. Don't think it changes the charge. Am unsure...my apt. pays for my cable. Yes, it's a slow day today...v


I have cable and I just changed by package to include full basic. I now get all those channels and in HD now. What I noticed was the recording items I have that just get cable straight from the cable and not through the cable box have stopped getting Food Network and SyFy. Those were never included in the limited basic package. I just enjoyed the bleed over. I guess the figured out how to stop that leak.

Kevin Chung

It's probably like Santa Clara - Comcast switched to full digital with the exception of the broadcast "over air" channels which they have to still provide in the old analog manner.

So one of my TV's is not on the converter and that Tivo can only catch over air stations. The other TV has a digital converter which has a infrared adapter from the Tivo so the Tivo can switch the channels when need be.

Janet Kaul

Oh wow, you remind me in my childhood home our phone number was one digit off from a store called "The Bedroom."

"Is this The Bedroom?"
"No, it's the living room."
"Seriously, is your sale still on?"
"Depends on what you're wanting to buy ..."

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